Black Girl Hairstyle

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Black Girl Hairstyle

There so many amazing hair styles available for a black girl and black woman these days. Salons and hair dressers have become so creative and innovative in their approach.

Because of the highly politicized nature of natural black hair in the Western world and the intersectional pressures faced by a black girl and black woman, hair care and hair style of natural black hair has become an enormous industry. Throughout the US, there are a number of beauty salons and beauty supply stores that cater solely to clients with natural afro-textured hair. Online forums, social networking groups and web-logs have also become enormously popular resources for a black girl and black woman hairstyle in the exchange of styling ideas, techniques, and hair-care procedures.

There are a number of specific hair-styles that are common styles for natural back hair. The afro is a large, often spherical growth of afro-textured hair. The afro has a number of variants including the "afro-puff" and a variant in which the afro is treated with a blow dryer to become a flowing mane. Another popular hair style include plaits or braids, the two-strand twist and basic twists all of which can form into manicured dreadlocks if the hair is allowed to knit together in the style-pattern. Basic twists include finger-coils and comb-coil twists. Dreadlocks, also called "dreads," "locks" or "locs," can also be formed by allowing the hairs to weave together on their own from an afro. Salon, or fashion, locks, alone have a large variety of styling options that involve strategic parting, sectioning and patterning of the dreads.

Natural hair can also be styled into bantu knots, which involves sectioning the hair with square or triangular parts and fastening it into tight knots on the head. Bantu knots can be made from both loose natural hair as well as dreadlocks. When braided flat against the scalp, natural hair can be worn as basic cornrows or form a countless variety of artistic patterns. Other styles include the "natural" and "microcoils" for close-cropped hair, the twist-out, "brother-locks" and "sister-locks," the fade and any combination of styles such as cornrows and afro-puff. It is important to note that an overwhelming majority of Black hair styles involve parting the natural into individual sections before styling.